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It is a powerful tool that makes it possible to create thumbnails from videos. You will be surprised by how fast and easy it is to use, and you will love it. All you need to do is specify the target output file format, enter the parameters for output, and then select the video file. The procedure is so easy that even an inexperienced user will find it enjoyable.
Unlike ordinary video editors, which limit you to performing the conversion from the beginning to the end, MACRO allows you to cut out a part of a video, and convert it. You can also enable simultaneous video conversions.
All in all, MACRO is an application that is perfect for quickly creating thumbnails. It is well-structured, and the user interface is simple and intuitive.

Stamp Editor is the replacement of the image editing software that is included in Stamp 2, and also the replacement of the image processing software that is included in Stamp Studio.
The installer does not require administrator access to install the software. You can get it directly from the manufacturer, and it comes with 15 sample images, so you will have plenty of things to work on right from the start.
It is a software that is rich in features, and the interface is extremely easy to use. It comes with basic editing functions such as cropping, rotating, and scaling.
You can also work on the amount of colors that can be selected to make your work as creative as you wish. After opening the file, you can crop the image or re-arrange the layers.
You can also save the edited images in a range of file formats, and the conversion process is surprisingly quick. Additionally, you can also copy the selected images to the clipboard or open them in a separate window.
Stamp Editor is a useful program that is suitable for creating unique digital images of any type.
KEYMACRO Description:
It is a powerful image editing software that can open, edit, process, and save any image type. You can use its image tools to process a batch of images, perform image optimization, and create watermarked documents. It comes with more than 100 different effects, and you can edit any image format that you want.
The application is equipped with a number of features, including cropping, rotation, scaling, image optimization, desaturation, deskew, posterize, and more. Moreover, you can also easily work on the amount of colors you can select for your image, and the application can also serve as a 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO is a tool for Android smartphone users that enables them to perform the extraction of data from them using powerful forensic tools. Use it to obtain data from non-rooted devices. Includes a database of decoders and a password breaker that can crack any Android device password. The information in the database of decoders is constantly updated with new versions and add-ons and the tool is continually expanded.
Andriller Description:
Andriller is a tool that offers Android smartphone users the possibility to obtain data from them using powerful forensic tools. They provide the means to automatically extract data from non-rooted devices using a set of decoders.
Use a large number of database decoders
The application displays a fairly comprehensive interface which makes it easy to use by just about anyone. Its overall GUI design is rather plain and simple but it offers the advantage of being able to quickly and easily access all its features and tools from the main window.
Andriller enables you to import a number of database files which are processed by the application and used to generate reports. Once it manages to decode the data, it’s made available to you in a HTML file.
With this tool you can use decoders for Android devices which can obtain account information, messages, contacts, call history, browser data and much more.
Automatically generate reports
Getting the aforementioned data types is itself a very simple process. All you have to do is connect your phone to the PC, choose the output folder for the report, check to see if the phone is recognized and then, with a final click on the ‘Go!’ button, the app starts performing its job.
Depending on the amount of data that is to be extracted, the task might take a couple of minutes but Andriller notifies you when it’s done and the new HTML file will contain an easy to follow table with all the required data.
Crack passwords and PINs
Andriller can also help you on a bad day when you forget your lockscreen combination or your PIN number. It makes use of the gesture.key, setting.db or locksettings.db files in order to get the data needed to crack passwords.
Andriller is by all means a very capable tool that has a lot of potential to extract sensitive data from your Android smartphone and considering this fact, it needs to be used responsibly and it goes without saying that if you intend to use it, take all the

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