This is a simple Macros application which lets you work in a streamlined way with the letters on your keyboard.
It is a ‘travel companion’ for people who have or want to learn to program.
KEYMACRO Version 3.0 Changelog:
Version 3.0 has some new features as compared to Version 2.0.
There are some smaller changes.
Size & Performance:
– Speed improvements: KeyMacro can execute at a considerable speed faster (see the screenshot on the bottom of this article).
– Memory usage improvements: It works better now when there are multiple images/entities inside a folder (see the screenshots on the bottom of this article).
– Added one-liner macros (see the screenshot on the bottom of this article).
– Added many new macros (see the screenshot on the bottom of this article).
How to run the application:
– Have a Mac? Get KeyMacro here.
– If you don’t have a Mac, the product page also has an emulator.
– There is also a pre-compiled version available for Windows (see the screenshot on the bottom of this article).
The Imagizer application is based on a really good template which is open source (see here).
If you want to contribute to the project or know some other useful development, you are welcome to send us a mail (this application is called ‘KeyMacro’ for a reason).

There are some really nice options for macro editing in KeyMacro (see the screenshot).
If you don’t like a macro, you can always create your own.
To create your own macro, go to the macro list (Ctrl+M or ⌘+M), select the macro from the list and click the button ‘Add’.
There are some nice options to edit your macros.

Here is a really nice example of a useful macro to insert a table of contents (TOC) for an HTML file.
It is made in only one line of text.

Macro Export & Import
KeyMacro has a nice export feature.
Just go to the ‘Export’ button, select the format and click ‘Save’.
It has some nice options to export.
You can also import a Macro.

Hover over the ‘Import’ button and you will see the options to import a macro.
Select the file and click ‘Import’. 384a16bd22

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Select the inputs to the mixer from the keyboard. Up to 4 track channel assignments are made from the keyboard to select between the eight drumkit channels. The Track input/output assignments can be made by assigning a track input to the track output. A unique key can be assigned to each input or output.

The Cue input is used to stop the machine and stay on a beat. The Cue Start is a global and starts playing the sounds when the machine is turned on.
The Key input lets the user assign a key to the machines input.

The Global input can be assigned to play a preset or any custom sound from the plugin sampler.
Each of the 8 drums are assigned a drum key on the keybord.

The sequencer takes place in 4 states and is used to trigger samples and use the FX. The state can be set with the sequencer control panel.

The preset list can be rearranged with the factory preset list editor or with custom presets.

The FX list can be created or edited from the factory presets or any selected preset. The list can be re-ordered with the factory preset editor.
The FX list can be sorted by effect, filter, shape, or group with the preset editor.

Drums and FX can be assigned to each drum and effects can be assigned to each drumchannel.

The machine uses the Factory preset editor to assign the preset list or drag a preset into the list. The editor automatically detects which preset it’s in and the channel the preset is assigned to.

The FX editor can be used to create custom effects or assign presets with effects to each drumchannel. Any effects not assigned with a preset will show up in the user FX list.

The factory presets can be rearranged with the preset editor. The factory presets are stored in the “GrizzlyPresets” folder.

Based on Roland’s TR-707 the Grizzly VST plugin features a 2-row keyboard, 8 drum pads with built in effects and a sequencer. It also has a built in global input which can be used to play preset sounds aswell as to trigger FX.


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